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Fandom: Daredevil
Subject: Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson
Title: Avocados In Love
Warnings/Notes: Spoilers for Daredevil Seasons 1 & 2. 8tracks stream and DL available.

So, I love Matt/Foggy and I finished season two of Daredevil not too long ago. I am dealing with how they left off on their relationship by making this mix with Aggressively! Cheerful! Songs!

(Some of the songs have an unrequited love theme, but still they’re still upbeat. Because I am sad.)

"Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."

"Best damn avocados."

―Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock

My Best Friend's Hot by The Dollyrots

Won’t you apologize to me, to me, to me?
For being such a tease, a tease, a tease
You know I’m not gonna tell you all the things I might like

My best friend’s hot
My best friend’s hot
No matter what I do you love me not
Woah oh oh, woah oh oh
Na na na na na not
You love me not

I Want You To Want Me by Letters To Cleo
I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm beggin' you to beg me
I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me

I'll shine up my old brown shoes
I'll put on a brand new shirt
I'll get home early from work
If you say that you love me

Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K
We should get jerseys
'Cause we make a good team
But yours would look better than mine
'Cause you're outta my league

And I know that it's so cliché
To tell you that everyday
I spend with you is the new best day of my life
Everyone watching us
Just turns away with disgust
It's jealously, they can see that we've got it going on

Racking my brain for a new improved way
To let you know you’re more to me
Than what I know how to say
You're OK with the way this is going to be
'Cause this is going to be the best thing we've ever seen

If anyone can make me a better person you could
All I gotta say is I must've done something good
Came along one day and you rearranged my life
All I gotta say is I must've done something right
I must've done something right

One Week by Barenaked Ladies
Like Kurosawa I make mad films
'K, I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai

How can I help it if I think you're funny when you're mad?
Trying hard not to smile, though I feel bad
I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
Can't understand what I mean?
You soon will
I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve
I have a history of losing my shirt

It's been one week since you looked at me
Dropped your arms to your sides and said, “I'm sorry”
Five days since I laughed at you, and said
“You just did just what I thought you were gonna do”
Three days since the living room
We realized we're both to blame, but what could we do?
Yesterday, you just smiled at me
'Cause it'll still be two days till we say we're sorry

Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland
Some days I don't feel like trying
Some days you know I wanna just give up
When it doesn't matter who's right
Fight about it all night
Had enough
You give me that look
I'm sorry baby, let's make up
You do that thing that makes me laugh
And just like that

There you go making my heart beat again
Heart beat again, heart beat again
There you go making me feel like a kid
Won't you do it and do it one time
There you go pulling me right back in
Right back in, right back in
And I know
I'm never letting this go
I'm stuck on you

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Stuck like glue
You and me baby
We're stuck like glue
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Stuck like glue You and me baby
We're stuck like glue

Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson
Don't believe the things you tell yourself so late at night, and
You are your own worst enemy
You'll never win the fight
Just hold onto me, I'll hold onto you
It's you and me up against the world, it's you and me

Don't believe anything, don't trust anyone but me
But I believe you when you say we're never gonna fall
Hand behind my neck, arm around my waist
Never let me hit the ground, you'll never let me crash

I don't need a parachute, baby if I've got you
Baby if I've got you, I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
(Down, down, down)

Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows
Well baby, I surrender
To the strawberry ice cream
Never, ever end of all this love
Well, I didn't mean to do it
But there's no escaping your love

Come on, come on
We were once upon a time in love
We're accidentally in love
Accidentally in love

The Best Thing About Me Is You by Ricky Martin feat. Joss Stone
My crying days are now history
I had a change of philosophy
I take each day as it comes to me
And I won't take myself all that seriously

So baby, don't say no
Come on and just say yes
You know it's time to keep it simple, let's
Take a chance and hope for the best

Life is short, so make it what you wanna
Make it good, don't wait until mañana
I think I'm cool 'cause your name's on this heart shaped tattoo
Now the best thing about me is you

Download the mix here.

Or listen to it on 8tracks here.


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